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Lent with Pope Francis: True Concern for the Poor

by Diane Houdek on 4/10/17 7:00 AM

A Word from Pope Francis

Selfishness leads nowhere and love frees. Those who are able to live...

Lent with Pope Francis: Trusting When We Don't Understand

by Diane Houdek on 4/3/17 7:00 AM

A Word from Pope Francis

We see so many dark valleys, so many disasters, so many people dying...

Lent with Pope Francis: God's Dream for Us

by Diane Houdek on 3/27/17 12:00 AM

A Word from Pope Francis

We are the dream of God who, truly in love, wants to change our life...

Lent with Pope Francis: Seeing Those Closest to Us

by Diane Houdek on 3/20/17 6:00 AM

A Word from Pope Francis

In our imagination, salvation must come from something great, from...

Lent with Pope Francis: Who Am I to Judge?

by Diane Houdek on 3/13/17 7:00 AM

A Word from Pope Francis

We are all masters, we are all experts, when it comes to justifying...

The Hope of Lent: The Least of These

by Diane Houdek on 3/6/17 7:00 AM

Word from Pope Francis

"How is your health, you who are a good Christian?”— "Good, thank God;...

The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

by Diane Houdek on 12/31/16 5:59 PM

In the first reading, we find the ancient prayer of blessing which God gave to Moses to...

Advent 2016: A Church without Joy Is Unthinkable

by Diane Houdek on 11/30/16 7:00 AM

A Word from Pope Francis

The human heart desires joy. We all desire joy, every family, every...

Pope Francis on Mercy

by Diane Houdek on 5/11/16 10:07 PM
Image: Pope Francis blesses a child during a special audience with members of Doctors with Africa...

Family: Holiness in Its Place

by Diane Houdek on 4/18/16 7:00 AM
Image: Joshua Clay.

The life of God is not lived in a vacuum. We do not become Christians and then...