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Follower of Saint Francis: Rick Riccioli, OFM Conv.

by Daniel Imwalle on 8/23/16 7:00 AM
Image: Visión de San Francisco de Asís, Francisco de Zurbarán.

"Be real! Action speaks...

Follower of Saint Francis: Denis Grady, OFS

by Daniel Imwalle on 6/30/16 7:00 AM
Image: Dick Vos.

"When the Gospel became clear to me, I needed to express my faith with songs,”...

Follower of Saint Francis: Father Christian Reuter, OFM

by Daniel Imwalle on 5/31/16 7:00 AM
Image: Prison museum in Ankara, Turkey.

As Catholics, we are challenged by our faith to look into...

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla: 'One of Us'

by Daniel Imwalle on 5/3/16 7:00 AM

A hardworking, intelligent, and culturally savvy young woman made a monumental choice in...

Follower of Saint Francis: Sister Maureen Colleary, FSP

by Daniel Imwalle on 5/2/16 7:00 AM
Image: John Mark Arnold. 

Why Catholic? No, really—Why Catholic? That’s the name of a popular...

Follower of Saint Francis: Brother Moises Gutierrez

by Daniel Imwalle on 4/6/16 7:00 AM
Photo: Pierre Olivier Bourgeois | unsplash

Brother Moises Gutierrez, OFM, can credit his...

Follower of Saint Francis: Rhett Engelking, OFS

by Daniel Imwalle on 3/10/16 7:00 AM
Image: Angel Acevedo | unsplash

In Saint Francis’ “Canticle of the Sun,” the saint proclaims, “Be...

Pope Francis in New York City

by Daniel Imwalle on 9/25/15 6:57 PM

A Healthier, More Peaceful Earth

Yesterday we saw Pope Francis in New York City, completing a...

Pope Francis in a Post-9/11 World

by Daniel Imwalle on 9/25/15 6:54 PM

I can remember my parents talking about where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated...

Pope Francis’s Love for Mother Earth

by Daniel Imwalle on 9/24/15 6:43 PM

Tomorrow, Pope Francis will address the United Nations at their headquarters in New York City....