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Families, Faith, and Social Values

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 6/8/16 7:00 AM
Image: Lawrence OP.

In the 1980s, when I was a young Franciscan priest, I served as a rural pastor...

Courage in Christ

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 5/10/16 5:00 PM
Image: Volkan Ölmez.

My great niece died of a cerebral stroke this past weekend. There were no...

Pope Francis on Our Role in Caring for Creation

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 4/13/16 7:00 AM
Image: Meg Sanchez.

As I reflected on my own upbringing while reading Laudato si', Pope Francis’...

Happy Feast of Saint Patrick!

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 3/17/16 1:15 PM
Image: Saint Patrick's Day Festival. Dublin, Ireland. Miguel Mendez.

Today, parades, shamrocks, and...

Seeking God through Prayer

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 2/18/16 7:00 AM

  “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find.” Mt 7:7

Image: Stefan Kunze | unsplash.

What is God Calling Us to Be?

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 12/23/15 1:23 PM
Image: The Holy Children with a Shell (Infant Christ Offering a Drink of Water to St. John), ...

Thanksgiving Day

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 11/26/15 1:02 AM

“What are you thankful for?” That question triggers reflection on this national holiday. I allow...

Saints Simon and Jude October 28

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 10/29/15 12:14 PM

Today the Church celebrates the feast of Saints Simon and Jude. Today’s Gospel reading comes...

Thanksgiving and Family

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 9/3/15 11:46 AM

Recently my brother Tommy’s illness, death and funeral led me to reflect on my family. We are...

Papal Visit in September

by Dan Kroger, OFM on 8/6/15 10:40 AM

Pope Francis is coming in September. There’s lots of excitement and plans are now finalized for...